Make Love in the Kitchen

Group picture of Bayou St. James Spice blends

Make Love in the Kitchen

Bayou St. James engineers spice blends to create flavor and convenience for your cooking experience. Sprinkle some joy in your next creation to make your best better.

Our Products

Flavor is Foremost

Bayou St. James Creole Seasoning Cajun. Link to product page

Creole Seasoning

Add a little heat and a little
sweet. It is inspired by
southern cooking but its
versatility is boundless.

Bayou St. James Steakburger Seasoning for steaks and burgers. Link to product page.


Created for steaks and
burgers, however, you can
add it whenever you want oniony garlicy flavor.

Bayou St. James Chick Magnet  Seasoning for chicken. Link to product page

Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet is attracted to poultry, but
try it on pork or
seafood as well.

Smoking Rubs

Piggie Powder

Bayou St. James Piggie Powder Pork Rub for pork. Link to product page.

Piggie Powder

Piggie Powder Rub
will amp up your BBQ and
take your next pork
project to Hog Heaven.

Bull Rub

Bayou St. James Bull Rub for Smoking Beef. Link to product page.

Bull Rub

Bull Rub will amp up your
BBQ and take your beef
project to the next level.
No B.S.

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